Saturday, June 21, 2014

Curried Rind of watermelon

Curried Rind (watermelon rind that is!)

 - this is not a "full true" curry - but its savory and quite good! ** i don't have tumeric or coriander**
Get a good watermelon so you can enjoy the yummy pink interior... but hold onto that rind!
Peel the green off the rind - it's bitter - toss it out.. but save the white part...
cube it or slice it into thin strips..... I had enough patience to make about 2 cups of rind -- there is way more than that of the rind leftover...
heat pan to medium low... medium on my stove is a bit too hot
put some oil into a pan - I like and use regular olive oil.. not evoo...
toss in the cubed/sliced rind
optional available veggies - bell peppers - of various colors, onion, leeks, carrots... squash... (I haven't been faring well with root veggies - so am limiting them)
salt lightly
dust with a pinch or so of ginger
dust with a bit more of cumin and paprika (these are your "flavors")
if you like some "spice" (aka HEAT) - dust in some ground red pepper...
stir fry rind with seasonings for about 15 to 20 minutes.. cover while not stirring...
Serve hot... i ate it solo as a side to my reheated chicken... but this would go well over rice... (or riced cauliflower -low carb).
Since I fix so many meals that are just for me (1 person) I don't use many measurements.... I dust til it feels/smells/looks right to me.... and since I am full paleo my taste buds are very different than they were just a few months ago even...


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