Saturday, March 29, 2014

A New Blog Beginning....

Howdy howdy! Just a little about me to start with the new blog. I am a married to one Amazing husband (Hi Sean!!) and mother to 5 boys, 3 step children, and 1 adopted-by-choice daughter - all of which I do love very much! I have extended family thanks to facebook around the world. If I call you "friend" then you are a part of my family because we are all in this world together. I am a sister to many, mother to 9, grandmother to 1 - and 1 due in May, and a daughter to my mom. (Hi Mom! Love you!)

I have recently promised recipes - and I will get to those. Please be patient as I am working full time plus, taking care of my family full time plus AND attending ITT Tech to further my education and open up some options for me in Business Management. My schedule is extremely full - and though two of my classes this quarter thus far have not had much in the way of homework - one class is making up for it quite well!

I have also promised to talk about my journey with the way I eat. I no longer tolerate the Standard American Diet (aka SAD diet) - and have made HUGE changes in my life to try to heal my body. I was diagnosed hypothyroid over 6 years ago and am struggling with Rheumatoid Arthritis for the past year. There are just some foods that are no longer "my friend" - and cause me terrible joint pain and stiffness. Or cause my thyroid to rebel and not produce some rather important hormones.

Looking forward to posting recipes, my soon to be started BTE (Back to Eden) Garden. (HUGE THANKS TO Paul in Washington state!!!), my Way of Eating journey, and hopefully a lot of fun things in general!


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